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Who is the best electrician in Five Dock - 0 replies

Posted by addewilson852 in General Five Dock discussion on Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:28pm

We have buy the new home in Five Dock. We face lots of electric issues here. That why needs an efficient electrician to fix them.

2017 radiated tortoise - 0 replies

Posted by Katie Todd in General Millendon discussion on Wed Sep 4, 2019 6:55am

2017 radiated tortoise #15 for sale incubated at 89 degrees for female. Very well started animal. Eating great and enjoying the Sydney sunshine and humidity. It is available for one thousand shipped. This animal is already very well started and past the most delicate hatchling stage. Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions

Newspappers - 0 replies

Bonnie55 Posted by Bonnie55 in Ancestry and family history in Kyogle on Mon Aug 19, 2019 10:39am

Can someone please tell me what newspapers would have been read in Kyogle in 1985 through to 1990.


Chees Bonnie

Gill Family Research - 0 replies

blgill Posted by blgill in Ancestry and family history in Kyogle on Thu Aug 15, 2019 10:36am

In Kyogle Cemetery is the grave of LUCY AMELIA JANE SUMMERS . born in 1892 and died on 3rd Sept 1978.

Row P Plot 34. She apparently lived at Eden Creek

We think she might be my husband's great aunt. Does anyone have more information about this lady.

I would appreciate any information about her and her family

Samuel Payne and Nina fraser - 0 replies

Posted by Jek in Ancestry and family history in Brewarrina on Thu Aug 1, 2019 12:12pm

I'm looking for my great grandmother Nina Fraser who was in the mission. Just wanting to know any info on her time in the missh

group settlement - 0 replies

Posted by gailecor in Ancestry and family history in Manjimup on Sat Jul 13, 2019 4:54pm

My relatives were in group 19. Is there any maps or lists of families from this time. My former name is Lintott.

Unexplored Clue to Dad's Disappearance - 0 replies

EyeSpy7 Posted by EyeSpy7 in Missing persons in Southport on Fri Jun 7, 2019 4:59pm

Hi there Everyone,

I thought I would come here and ask a question because I just don't know what to do. My dad has been missing for about 20 years and although he has been certified as "dead" we still don't know where he is or what happened. He went missing from our isolated home in southern Tasmania and was last seen just outside the township of Dover heading home.

The communities are small down there and I had expected that eventually someone would say something to someone and we would, at last, find the remains. But so far nothing. Then a couple of years ago I got a call from a Detective that a man on his deathbed in Queensland had called the police saying he knew what had happened to my dad and wanted to tell them before he died. This man was an itinerant in the area and had gotten in with some of the more unsavory members of the community. Still, they interviewed him and then they went and spoke to the retired officer who had been the area's main force at the time. Apparently, he told the detective that the person named by the dying man to have knowledge of my dad's disappearance was "not capable of planning a murder". So the outcome was that they did not even as much as speak with this person at all.

Now my issues are these, firstly, whatever happened to my Dad was not planned at all, it was either an accident or opportunistic. Secondly, even if it the named man was not responsible or even if he was there are ways to speak to him so that he would tell what he knew without him thinking he was going to get into trouble.

I am really struggling to understand why they (the police) don't think it's at least worth asking the named man even if they think the dying man's information is wrong. I mean seriously, why would anyone who doesn't know the missing person at all and was only in the location for about 6 months and then many years later on his deathbed suddenly think he should tell someone, why would it all be false???

I tried to speak with the detective, I sent him a message on the mobile number he called me on but I have never received a reply. I just don't know what to do, I really, truly don't care how or why it happened, I just want to FIND him before my mum dies. Right now none of us can ever close that "book". I am sure I don't have to tell anyone on here how this all feels! It really sucks!!

If you, anyone can think of anything, anyway I might be able to move this forward or get hold of the case record, seeing as I know the named person's name is in there, it would be much appreciated.

Best Wishes Everyone for all your cases,


Looking for a job: Farm work - 0 replies

Ana Posted by Ana in Jobs and careers in Robinvale on Sun Jun 2, 2019 12:30pm

Hello, I am interested in some farm work. Any offer?  Thanks


suzjane Posted by suzjane in Ancestry and family history in Kyogle on Wed May 22, 2019 2:51pm

Hello....I am searching for any information re. my CROWLEY ancestors.  I am a great granddaughter

of James David Crowley and Catherine Cameron Crowley/Boswell/Greenhalgh/Hillman.

I believe Catherine and Charles Ker Boswell ran the Exchange Hotel in Kyogle in the early 1900s.

Also interested in finding any info on their daughters Catherine, Flora and Johanna Crowley.

Thanking You, Sue

Family history & descendants of Robert Tompkins born 1852 died 25 may 1931 - 1 replies

Posted by phillip oshea in Ancestry and family history in Brewarrina on Sat Apr 6, 2019 12:49pm

Robert Tompkins is the father of my paternal grandmother, Florence Amelia O'Shea,  (aka Anna Maria ) - nee Tompkins.

Florence, (1890 - 1930) married Patrick O'Shea in Boggabri, in 1908. They had 3 children; Keith, Jesse, & Norman.

Robert is buried in the Brewarrina cemetery. I would like to know more of his marriage details, ancestry & other descendants; - their places of birth, death, ... & any items that can assist me in research into my family history.

My father, Norman Patrick O'Shea, believed his mother's maiden name was Martin. My research, begun after his death, has proved that his belief is incorrect. This misconception of his is a source of mystery to me.

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